Grale Grinder Full Review

The Grale Grinder Review

Hey everybody I’m Anna and today we’re going to try out the Grail grinder. If you are interested in the grinder you can order it directly from Sky High Smoke Shop, an online head shop, which sells tons of similar products. This grinder is one of the first-of-its-kind it’s actually only been out for less than a year on the market and it’s a two-in-one grinder. When you purchase this, you’re getting a high-end grinder plus a precise scale as well so two devices in one which means you are saving money in addition to that it is one of the easiest twisting grinders that I’ve seen. It has a pullout tray with a poor sprout for your cannabis and a kief collector. For today’s review, I’m going to fill you in on all these features plus I’m going to explain why you should want to invest in a grinder and what’s the benefits to having a scale in your grinder.

Grale Grinder Review

Here is why, you’re grinding up your cannabis you’re creating an opportunity for more air to flow through it which means you have a greater surface area that you’re heating. This is going to lead to more efficiency better potency and more flavor. Basically, you are spending less money but getting a greater more potent experience that’s a plus in my book. When it comes to the Grail there are a few different unique features. One is it has this easy roll technology so when you first get going in your first grinding you can use these little indents to do one or two just minor twist but then after that you can pretty much use your finger to turn the grinder. This is a real plus for any medical patients who have arthritis or a week and their fingers in their hands and their arms and makes it nice and easy for them. Part of the reason for that is, if you look at the inside of the cap or if you look at the outer edge here you’ll notice that there’s no groove so there’s no screwing and unscrewing. The resin from the flower which is sticky often makes more resistance and makes it more difficult to clean as well so this is a plus. When you look inside the grinder you’ll notice that there are these diamond razor-sharp high-grade aluminum blades that chopped up all your herb and they come in a whole assortment of colors for you. We have blue, green, red, black, pink, yellow, or silver. Whatever your heart desires you can customize the grinder for your own personal needs which is awesome! Now I want to talk for a second about size and why you want to scale in your grinder. Now I’ll admit I typically grind up cannabis for one to two people on a regular basis, so when I saw this grinder my first thought was whoa this is overkill this grinder is way bigger than what I would need. What I have seen is that this grinder works for a tiny amount of cannabis and also works for a larger amount of cannabis so it’s a pretty versatile grinder. Also, there are some reasons why you want a bigger grinder one is that if you’re going to be grinding up for a larger group of people let’s say if you’re cannabis business or you work at a dispensary or you really love blunts, those take a larger amount of cannabis. It can be useful to have a bigger grinder and really useful to have a scale but there’s another really creative and innovative reason on why they created a scale and grinder combo. Which is why they wanted to provide a consumption measuring tool for our industry which is really needed right now, especially if you’re using cannabis for medical reasons there’s no way to accurately track how much cannabis your dosing yourself with when you’re smoking or vaporizing and what those effects have on you. With this machine, you can actually way your cannabis and track how much you’re using and what the effects are.

When it comes to the scale you have three options on how you can weigh your marijuana. The first one which is how I primarily do it, is I unscrew these blades and you’ll notice that there’s a little cup and screen on the inside. I take out my flower, in this case, we have some yummy cheesecake strain and boy, this smell just never gets old! So, you would take out your yummy bud, press the on button wait for the zeros to come up on the screen and then you would just drop your cannabis flower in. This grinder this tells us that it’s .64 grams and you can also measure in carrots and grains, it’s up to you and what your preferences are. If you’re somebody who has you limited dexterity in your hands and arthritis or a challenge where you don’t want to have to screw or unscrew anything! It has a secret compartment right here in the back! You’ll notice you have this little trapdoor and when you open up the trapdoor you can take out that tray so you can just drop your flower in here go ahead and reset your scale so it’s back to zero put in your tray close up your door and measure it out .64 that is option number two. Now your third option is primarily if you’re going to be cooking with cannabis, making topical growing and you need to be able to measure a larger amount of cannabis and what’s going to fit in this Cup. The way you would do that we reset our scale here for a second get back to zero as you grab your plastic cup or measuring tool you go ahead and set it on top and you’re going to hit this zero button telling the device to ignore the weight of this cup and only way what’s inside the cup. Then you can go ahead and put your large amount of cannabis in so you can put one flower or get crazy.