Report for duty without the fashion faux-pas. With the recent demise of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, along with Michael Kors‘ recent Safari-meets-military-inspired SS 2012 collection featured at New York Fashion Week, we have an inkling that the out-and-about men that serve our country are going to serve a more polished look. Military-inspired styling has been piquing the interest of everyone in recent years, from Marc Jacobs to Alexander McQueen, featuring structured jackets and lightweight fabrics that blur the line between functional and war-time chic. Overseas, London Fashion Week is seeing a lot of inspiration as well, adding a bit of foppish flare to the army man, Alexander McQueen added a burst of color for the fall (a trend we’ve been seeing a lot this year), with Balmain and Ferragamo adding subtle detailing. Khaki and olive tones reign supreme, just slick your hair to the side, light your cigarette and cruise the bar in style to find your ideal mate. To think, we were the ones who were once dismissed, now it’s our turn to give back to our servicemen providing a military makeover service. A boy could dream, couldn’t he?

Without risking your life while in wartime, or living an open lifestyle, you can take the trend to the next level. I mean, these jackets are a mere $1,000+ plus a pop. Accessorize with Julien MacDonald vest and their ammo-inspired jewelry; who has to know it’s for a woman? And when you’re ready for bed or want something eye catching for the locker-room, try these undies on for size.

Here are a couple of looks that would surely get Goldie Hawn’s ‘Private Benjamin’ giving her seal of approval.

"I think they sent me to the wrong place."

PS: In case you STILL haven’t read that GQ article featuring interviews with the servicemen who were told to leave their ranks, check out our thank you letter here!

Video courtesy of GQ.



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