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A few moths ago we put a little poll out to our Gay NYC readers in order to contrast the recent Time Out New York sex poll numbers. Today, we have our results.

It’s been said and joked about that gay men are more promiscuous that our straight comrades. Is there truth to this, or [...]

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Recently, Time Out New York released this year’s sex issue. They polled a group of New Yorkers to see the spectrum of sex happening in the city.

People are always saying that gay men are more promiscuous than our straight counterparts. So, I’ve decided to get the gay New York City perspective to see [...]

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Research Suggests a Divide

On March 8, 2011 By


According to recent results from the latest Pew Research Center for the People & the Press poll, American’s attitudes toward marriage rights for lesbians and gay men are showing a major shift in our fight towards marriage equality. The recent national survey by Pew (conducted Feb. 22-Mar. 1) finds a continuing rise in [...]

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