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I don’t like to generalize, but every October, women everywhere complain about the age-old Halloween conundrum: women are expected to abandon their principles and slip on one of the millions of ‘sexy’ costumes, designed to objectify women as they parade around Manhattan looking like sluts (see also: Mean Girls).

“Guys get to dress [...]

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The New York Times has begun a new project entitled “Coming Out” taking the stories of LGBT youth straight from their mouths and into the view of millions of Americans. What better way to learn about the struggles of LGBT youth today than by asking the youth directly?

With the help of The [...]

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A year that brought Dan Savage to reign through It Gets Better campaign for the gay youth of America, is one that truly made history. Never has the media made such an effort to convey the horrors of bullying and how the power of words really can draw someone to their untimely [...]

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