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It’s official: Katy Perry has jumped off the deep end. Not for serious but she does in fact pull a “G.I. Jane,” if “G.I. Jane” starred Britney Spears during her “Blackout” era. Taping down her whipped cream cannons, chopping off her locks and enlisting in the Marines is the obvious solution for [...]

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Okay so this is LATE, and you’ve already formed your own opinions on Lana Del Rey by now, but I wanted to share mine too. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR.

The gays are having a civil war right now over Lana Del Rey. Some think she has the best debut album to [...]

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Where can you go to see all of your favorite pop icons in one room? Britney, Gaga, Beyoncé, Janet, Madonna, The Spice Girls, and so many more famous faces were present in the room last night when I went to opening night of the new off-broadway show Icons!

I have to [...]

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“I work to bring religious and nonreligious people together to foster understanding.” – Chris Stedman

How can you tell a gay from a straight in church? Come on, you know the joke. I’ll give you a hint, think “kneeling.” Offensive, right? To a degree, if you still take juvenile humor to heart. Here’s the [...]

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Hollywood Mixtape

On November 10, 2011 By

This past week I’ve spent my time in LA and, as the story goes, the air is a bit different on that side of the states. In NYC people ask you “What do you do?,” in LA it’s all about “How much do you make?” Despite all the money talk, I love the change [...]

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The Blonds – S/S 2012

On September 15, 2011 By
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Natalia Kills: Perfectionist

On August 15, 2011 By

Debut album from Natalia Kills is out NOW! The singer/songwriter says that Perfectionist “is not about being perfect, it’s about realizing that nothing is perfect.” The dark pop dance album tells the tale of a lack of money, a lack of fairy tales, and a need for superficial perfectionism.

The UK born artist has [...]

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While witnessing Katy Pery’s performance of E.T. on American Idol this week, I thought to myself, “What has happened to pop stars?” Is it simply the evolution of time that the cute girl-next-door look of Britney, Christina, and countless others of our past are [...]

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It ain’t easy being a Britney Spears fan.

Since childhood I have anticipated the release of Britney albums with rabid and unparallelled enthusiasm, and it wasn’t until I went to college and met other gays that I realized I was far from alone. For many of us, every album that is released between Britney Spears [...]

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In the New Year, our goddess of pop music Britney Spears has an upcoming single that has fan’s panties in knots and an album due in March -it’s crucial to pay a toast to Pop’s true reigning Queen of number 1’s. Like many before her, she has had her personal up’s & down’s, but [...]

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