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Tyler: Valentine’s Day gifts have always seemed a little weird to me, which may partially explain why my boyfriend and I are so terrible at celebrating. While I can always go for new clothes and scents, I would much rather just spend QT with my man as a gift. We’re both so busy [...]

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A Very OutSpoken Thanksgiving

On November 24, 2011 By

It’s that time of year again! ¬†Whether you are elated to run home to see your family, avoiding the crazy relatives, spending time with friends or taking this one alone you’ll definitely need some amazing comfort food.

Gaga isn’t the only one with a Thanksgiving special this year. Although we wont be [...]

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Moving to New York can be a nightmare, but it can be just as bad moving around the city as well. One big request we’ve been getting lately is a Gay Guide to Moving in NYC. Your wish is my command.

As the first installation of this guide I’ll be exploring different gay-friendly neighborhoods and [...]

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There’s one thing I know about New Yorkers. We’re like fucking cockroaches. It takes a lot more than some wind and rain to get rid of us.

But, since I do believe one should always be as prepared as possible, I’ve created a little check list for all the gay boys out there waiting to [...]

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This past weekend I had the chance to go camping and hang out with almost 30 of the most amazing people ever. My friends from college. We went upstate to a campsite near Woodstock Friday night and spent the weekend relaxing, climbing mountains, eating, making music, drinking and star gazing.

Though some wilderness-friendly people [...]

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Being a Jersey boy, I always have had friends asking me what beaches to check out when they’re down by the shore. Yes, it’s true – not everyone wants to go to Fire Island every weekend! And the beaches in Jersey are actually pretty great…if you know which ones to go to.

Here are a [...]

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As a New Yorker suppressed by the man telling me I can’t drink in public, I’ve naturally had to find ways around it.

We’ve all filled water bottles with vodka before and clenched our fists as we swigged hot vodka in a humid summer heat. It does the job but can’t be healthy.

I [...]

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