The Westboro Baptist Church, of “God Hates Fags” fame, has followed through with plans to picket outside of Lincoln Center, the home of New York Fashion Week. “WBC to picket the Slutwalk extraordinaire known as New York Fashion Week,” they elaborate on their website. “Can you say vanity any louder than at a fashion show? When you quit this life, do you think God will care who you were wearing?” Adding fuel to his own fire, Westboro spokesman Steve Drain explained to The New York Post, “The whole idea [of the] fashion industry is to make women look as whorish as possible and men look as effeminate at possible…Put some jeans on and fear God…Forget about all this fashion nonsense.”  Drain put it rather eloquently:  “The fashion industry is dominated by fags and fag enablers.” With Lincoln Center’s security keeping a watch, the fashion crowd isn’t too concerned, as appearance validates opinion: model Sven Marcelli slams their fashion sense down to a pulp. “If they’re looking homely, they wont fit in. They will be outsiders at Fashion Week. They won’t fit in. If they make a big deal, people here will fight back.”

It’s a bit obvious what the Westboro Church’s motives are : press. In a high volume of press opportunities, a place where it’s solely everyone’s number one priority to see and be seen, Westboro will gain more momentum and get their message across to the masses.

Unless lightning strikes the catwalk, I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

Except for maybe this…


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