“High school fucking sucked, but if you can get through it, there’s a whole world out there that’s beyond people treating you badly,” Adam Levine shares in his recently made video for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project. The “Moves Like Mick Jagger” singer and Voice panelist has been openly supportive of the gay community in the past, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s reaching out to his younger gay audience. “People are really brutal and horrible to each other, especially in high school, and we’ve all been there and have experienced it and it leads to people doing horrible things.” Relatable, honest, to the point, the singer pinpoints how we can make a difference by keeping our skin thick and pushing against the negativity that gets in our way.

“Please don’t let them win, it’s such a terrible energy to spread, and all I can say is as the project says, ‘It Gets Better.”

Thanks for the support Adam!

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