With a solid third single about to take over the charts in a matter of 24 hours, Lady Gaga is making smooth marketing moves in order to solidify a third album Billboard slammer. Giving¬†her Little Monsters another preview of her new album, Gaga raced out promotional single “The Edge of Glory” online yesterday, with another single, “Hair,” set for release next Monday , May 16th. “The Edge of Glory” digital track was released exclusively to iTunes, streaming off her VEVO channel and recently brought her Monster Ball tour to HBO; we’re still waiting to see how it panned out ratings wise, but I’m sure she dominated DVR’s across the country.


A little birdie over at Zan Ludlum Casting shot over a pretty sweet opportunity for all Lady Gaga fans out there: A home video project of you performing Lady Gaga’s new hit single “The Edge of Glory.” Whether you’re performing a choreographed routine, lip-syncing, covering her song, showing off a Gaga inspired costume creation or something completely unexpected and off-kilter, it’s all fair game! Only catch? You have to submit within 24 HOURS. You heard me correctly. 24 HOURS! Winners will have a chance to get a step closer to their idol, Mama Monster.
Here are all the details you’ll need to know…

Submission Requirements:
-Name: First, Last
-Phone number
-Video URL


Casting Contact:
twitter: zancasting


Turnaround time is fast so think FAST Gaga fans! The sands of the hourglass are far more dramatic and drawn out than an episode of “Days of Our Lives,” get creative and get crackin’!
Need examples? Check out these two videos below for a little “Glory” inspiration:





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