Photo by Eileen Counihan

Where can you go to see all of your favorite pop icons in one room? Britney, Gaga, Beyoncé, Janet, Madonna, The Spice Girls, and so many more famous faces were present in the room last night when I went to opening night of the new off-broadway show Icons!

I have to say that I went in a bit skeptical. Two queens (Dennis Williams, and Ricardo Torres)  taking a show from P-Town, where they perform as over 20 different leading ladies, and putting it front of a bunch of New Yorkers who know about drag… Skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. These two, and their four sexy backup dancers turned it OUT and  put on a great show.


The two pieces of the show that blew me away were the choreography and the detail in the mannerisms used to portray my favorite pop divas. Some performances are done as comedic caricatures as I expected, but some of them were so on target it was creepy.  ( I died of laughter during Whitney Houston and The Spice Girls sets.) The costume changes were quicker than anything I’ve ever seen, and matching this with changing in and out of character so quickly is commendable. With only two people playing all the characters it must be a well oiled changing machine behind that curtain, because there was almost no downtime between songs and sets. I do wish the queens had more time to alter their makeup more for each character, but I’m not going to be picky. The fact that their hair was able to stay on was a feat of sorcery on its own.

Definitely worth the price, but if you’re in the first three rows like I was note that you’re in Katy Perry’s “splash zone.” :D


Check out some quick iPhone video I grabbed from the show below

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