Is It Okay To Be #ForeverAlone?

On February 16, 2012 By

I wanted to wait a few days after Valentine’s Day to post this because I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer. (And in fact I really do enjoy V-Day.) I don’t want y’all to read this with sentiments of sympathy, but read it objectively. You don’t have to identify with me or [...]

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My Valentine’s day tradition is to go out with some great friends, drink a bunch, and hunt for boys to make out with.

This year, inspired by Rihanna’s hit single and amazing music video for “We Found Love,” my friend Wes and I put together a bar crawl of [...]

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Tyler: Valentine’s Day gifts have always seemed a little weird to me, which may partially explain why my boyfriend and I are so terrible at celebrating. While I can always go for new clothes and scents, I would much rather just spend QT with my man as a gift. We’re both so busy [...]

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Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

I’m not the type to hate a holiday, especially one that I’ve never even had the chance to properly celebrate. (#foreveralone) But, I recently went through a break up and I thought, “What better time to post this playlist?” Maybe it could help some folks who, like me, have recently [...]

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If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a big stink and fuss over the fact that Ellen is going to be the new JC Penney spokesperson.

This all started because a group called One Million Moms set to fight against JC Penney and claim that mothers and families with “traditional [...]

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It’s almost Val-yeen-teens Dae, y’all and Chloe Sevigny (aka Drew Droege and his YouTube brilliance) is back in action.

Check out his recent article in OUT Magazine where he advises all bachelorette parties to stray away from the gay bar as the ideal location to get some pre-wedding attention. Flame dames [...]

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Okay so this is LATE, and you’ve already formed your own opinions on Lana Del Rey by now, but I wanted to share mine too. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR.

The gays are having a civil war right now over Lana Del Rey. Some think she has the best debut album to [...]

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I understand that Madonna’s a tongue-in-cheek kinda gal but isn’t she the definitive “Queen of Pop”? “Give Me All Your Luvin,” showing us nothing fresh from the artist of many faces, embarrasses our icon and her co-collaborator, Martin Solveig (overplayed radio fame with past chart topper “Hello”).  Snappy bubblegum pop [...]

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On February 7, 2012 By

This year for Valentines Day, the group behind created a short video, entitled “A Valentine’s for Homophobes.” The video underlines the hypocrisy behind some groups which claim to fight to “save the sanctity of marriage.” It has already gone viral with over 130,000+ views and is working as a fundraiser for FCKH8′s [...]

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