Do you like it in a car? Did you love it in the bar? Do you like a rough missionary in the AM? Do you like sex, Sam I Am? Well, apparently New Yorkers are just under Philadelphia when it comes to a whet sexual appetite. According to Trojan’s 2010 US Sex Census from the past year, which surveyed 1,000 adults in numerous cities regarding their sexual habits. Not surprisingly, the Northeast is the highest rank (135 a year average) when it comes to gettin’ down and dirty the most. What does surprise me? The average American has sex 120 times per year, making this 2.3 per week;  makes me wonder the average in the gay subculture, as we’re known for being pretty promiscuous in sexual activity. Men are also linked to having discussed their sex lives over social media forums, such as Facebook and Twitter, over females (15% compared to the 6%).

Check this out for a better look at the census as a whole:

Sex Tech Talk

From downloading with friends to uploading on Facebook, Americans are open to talking about sex both on- and off-line.

  • 19 percent of Americans have engaged in sexting and 19 percent have had online sex
  • 18 percent have had sex with someone they met over the internet
  • 10 percent have discussed sex on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Americans are open to talking to their friends about sex, with 47 percent talking about sex with friends of the same gender and 28 percent  talking to friends of the opposite gender


  • Midwest (125 times per year/2.4 times per week)
  • West (120 times per year/2.3 times per week)
  • South (114 times per year/2.1 times per week)
  • Philadelphia and Dallas have the least sex (99 and 104 times respectively)


  • Philadelphia (82 % satisfied)
  • New York (81 % satisfied)
  • Atlanta (80 % satisfied)
  • Los Angeles (75 % satisfied)
  • Chicago (75 % satisfied)
  • Boston (73 % satisfied)
  • San Francisco (70 % satisfied)

Sexually Exciting Spots:

  • In a car (48%)
  • Sex in someone else’s bed (33%)
  • Sex on a plane (33% of men have not tried, but would like to)
  • Sex on a beach/sea (26% of women have not tried, but would like to)

Wrap it up and play safe kittens.

Licky Licky, Yum Yum

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