If you know me, I complain about Glee A LOT, but for some reason I can’t just look away. Glee is like a serious drug addiction to me. I know it’s incredibly awful, but I need to fulfill my craving for this horrifying car crash of a show. I’ve had previous rants about Kurt (I’m not his biggest fan), complained about the awful inconsistent scripts and I’m even mad at Dianna Agron for screwing me over on an assignment for school (seen here); but you have to take the good with the bad.

I am incredibly happy that there is a vast representation of the GLBT community on that show, and the fact that Santana is a lesbian for the sake of being a lesbian (as opposed to being a lesbian for the male audience *cough*Skins*cough*), has earned many a brownie point from me. But there is one little thing that this show fails to talk about, and it’s really pissing me off.




We were introduced to her character in the first season as the African-American “diva who never wants to sing back up.” We’ve seen her compete with Rachel for lead singer multiple times, and lose for the majority of it. She was a lovable character, but then season two came along.

Ryan Murphy decided to take Glee into a shiteous direction with several themed episodes, celebrity appearances, new characters, and a MAJOR storyline involving Kurt and school bullying (which is fine by me- kids need to be educated about this stuff). Somewhere within the mix, Mercedes became the very thing she was against; becoming a background character.

Last night’s episode was further proof. Several themed episodes and “gay agenda” (LOL) story arcs later, we learn that Sam “Trout Mouth” Evans is poor and lives with his family in one room at some shady motel. While I’m a fan of character development in television shows, I just don’t get how it seems like every white person in the cast gets their time to shine, while the minorities are put on the back burner.

Have we learned anything about Mercedes besides the fact that she’s a diva, goes to church, and likes tater tots? No.

Have we learned anything other than stereotypical Asian-ness from Tina or “other asian” Mike Chang? No. But at least Tina and Mike have a relationship together.

Everyone on the show has been able to explore a relationship at some point. Ryan Murphy’s ability to mesh different characters together at any time just proves that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. However, Mercedes doesn’t even get a chance to explore a real relationship! She once had a crush on Kurt, but he’s gay. She dated Puck for a while, but only to advance her popularity. The closest she’s ever been to a relationship was when she was introduced to what seems to be the only African-American male on the football team- but she was lost in a war of tater-tots. Was Amber Riley placed on the show for vocal talent alone? It sure seems that way.

Glee is becoming a paradox. For a show that promotes diversity, it’s certainly not diverse enough.

But if you can’t get enough, it was announced today that “Glee-3D” is set to hit theaters after being filmed this summer during their second national tour, which will also feature Darren Criss and his group The Warblers.

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2 Responses to My Latest Problem With Glee

  1. Chidi A says:

    Amen to that.

  2. Sue Ovourue says:

    I completely agree with you, I am so glad you (unlike “out of touch” middle America), have some productive critiques of Glee. I don’t really understand why people go for the saccharine like brand of diversity portrayed on Glee. Besides Amber Riley’s character, it is astonishing to me that people want to believe in sugar coated or over blown negative depictions of U.S. culture. It makes me feel better that some people watching the show are able to recognize the flaws, while not discounting the producers’ efforts completely. Well done! I think your point of view is quite balanced.

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