This past weekend I had the chance to go camping and hang out with almost 30 of the most amazing people ever. My friends from college. :) We went upstate to a campsite near Woodstock Friday night and spent the weekend relaxing, climbing mountains, eating, making music, drinking and star gazing.

Though some wilderness-friendly people are peppered throughout the bunch, it’s pretty easy to spot a large group of art school kids from the big city. Especially when this years “Pow-Wow” theme had us decked out in tribal-like clothes, feathered headdresses, and war paint for most of the weekend.

This being only my third time camping, I’m still picking up tips and tricks along the way. Like “It’s hard to fish in a stream with only a paint brush.” So I figured why not share some of this year’s learnings with anyone else like me who is as wilderness savvy as a toddler in a tiara.



Bring baby wipes - They can clean dirt off of ANYTHING. I’m not OCD when it comes to eating with dirty hands. I can’t count how many times I’ve held the pole on the subway only moments before downing a slice of delicious pizza. But the kind of dirt that you can see caked to your hands… bothers me just a tad.

Off Clip-On – This is one of my favorite new inventions. Perfect to hang in your tent to keep the bugs away and then clip it to your belt during the day for extra bug protection.


Sun block stick – Small and easy to carry on the go. Gotta protect that face!

Five Finger shoesBuying these was the best decision I’ve ever made! If you’re going to be climbing rocks, mountains, waterfalls, ¬†this is the ONLY way to do it. It gives your feet fantastic protection while being able to move your toes. Perfect for gripping your toes onto big rocks or even to swim with.

Cutoffs – They are cute and look all wildernessy – plus we already wear them in the big city.



Open beer bottles without a bottle opener - The only two injuries I got this trip were from Attempting at opening beer bottles with the back of a flashlight.

Leave rain guard off of the tent – Due to the tremendous heat this weekend, some of my friends were told that if you leave the rain guard off your tent would stay cooler inside. When unsuspecting thunderstorms hit though… You’re shit out of luck trying to put it back on while it’s down pouring. Luckily I was too lazy to take my tents rain guard off in the first place.

Buy/Bring your own tent – Last minute, not sure of where I’d be sleeping I threw down some dough on a small tent. But with a group this large there are always extra spots to rest my head, so I never ended up using it.

Set a designated place for everyone to “go potty” – It sounds like a good idea at first, but late at night when it’s hard to see and you end up lost in the potty part of the forest, your chances of making a “clean getaway” are slim to none.


I’m hoping to someday get a group of my gays to all go camping together and trade our skyscrapers in for trees and rolling hills, but every time I think about Tyler in the great outdoors I get a great giggle in my tummy.

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3 Responses to Gay Guy’s Guide to Camping

  1. Joshua Ryan says:

    Thanks for the tips… I have been camping quiet a few times myself and one thing I will never do again is go on a canoe camping trip. Not to mention here in Florida it rains like almost everyday, so it did not help the 10 YR old tent we were staying in… Did not like being absolutely in the middle of nowhere wet and in the lightning in a tent while FL panthers were on the other side of the river growling… Lets not forget dodging all the cows that love parking themselves in the middle of the river… Cow flipped my friends canoe and he lost all of his things!

    I would much rather go to a resort camping type area that has springs and trails… I don’t go camping much anymore because everybody else wants to go during the summer… haha Don’t think so… Not when people are dieing of heat strokes and you can cook a stake on the sidewalk!

    All I know is there better be booze and a camp fire!

  2. Jon says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t sleep unless there are 4-stars above the crown of my head.

  3. Deee says:

    Cool to read your experience!!! Sounds like you were near Saugerties / Woodstock? GREAT LOCATION! Been there or nearby myself.

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