If you recently updated your iTunes to the 10.5.1, you probably noticed their updated features. If you’re like me, you probably haven’t had the time to even browse or have a clue. With their consistent changes made left and right who can keep up to date that quickly? The iTunes Match feature allows you to sync your ENTIRE music collection with iCloud. Yes, that means everybody from Queen to Kelly Clarkson to Sound of Arrows and Death Cab For Cutie will be living with you everywhere you go; much like that stuffed animal that wasn’t allowed to leave your pre-pubescent side.

What does this mean, music-buffs? If you’ve ripped or downloaded any songs, you can listen to your iTunes on any device; well, any device that has iTunes already downloaded. Think of it almost as Amazon’s Cloud Player and Google Music. Offering iTunes Match users the ability to access their music libraries — whether tracks were purchased via iTunes or not — from iTunes on a Mac or PC and from iOS 5 devices, including the Apple TV 2.

The service will run you $24.99 a year. You’re also limited to 25,000 songs, although iTunes purchases don’t count against that limit.

Nifty but I’m not so sure I’ll drop the dollars for it considering I’m broker than the Joker and have other side expenses (see: GAY LIFESTYLE) to fund.

Will you be purchasing iTunes Match?

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Let us know if you’ve tried it for a spin!

Source: Mashable

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