I have kept my secret long enough and it’s time to let the news out!! I was recently introduced to some of the tastiest treats in New York and they are coming right out of Hell’s Kitchen. Meet Zachary Schmahl, owner and head baker of Shmackary’s

So the amaze thing about Zachary’s cookies is they come in two varieties: Old Fashion and Schmack-Snacks whats the difference you ask Zachary tells us….

“What’s a Schmack-Snack?! Glad you asked. Sometimes you might be searching for something a bit denser, moister with a more complex mouth-feel. Old-Fashioned cookies like to spread themselves out on a cookie sheet to form the disc of delight we’ve come to love for generations. Schmack-Snacks are cookies baked in a muffin tin…so they don’t get the chance to spread, instead developing a nice, crisp crust with an ooey-gooey center you wont forget anytime soon. So why don’t we just call them “muffin bottoms?” Because that sounds kinda gross and Schmack-Snack is so much more fun to say.”

Don’t those sound like heaven? Don’t you just want a dozen right now?

Schmack Snacks mmmm Yummy

Old Fashion are Just as Tasty!


Another great thing about these cookies are they are made with the best stuff on earth (like Snapple, haha!) no added crap — all organic. I am telling you that these are worth trying! My personal recommendation is the Red Velvet they are to die for.

Can you say ORGASMIC!!

Also make sure to follow Zachary on Twitter and on Facebook and also follow Shmackary’s on Twitter and Facebook.
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One Response to Cookies Never Looked So Good

  1. Justin Luke says:

    Mother of GOD these cookies are amazing. Mark my words: NYC gays are going to be about 10 pounds heavier come next summer. Because once you eat one of these goddammed things, it’s all over kids.

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