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Haters Gon’ Hate Playlist

On January 23, 2012 By

HATERS… we’ve all got them.

Whether they’re starting rumors, talking mad shit or just being gossip folks, haters are pesky little critters that even the best exterminators can’t get rid of. Though it’s sometimes the most difficult way to deal with them, the best way to rid these little nuisances is to simply ignore them.

It’s [...]

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Stevie: I’ve had the same resolution for the past three years. It’s a constant inner struggle for me to be a little more selfish in life. To take life by the balls and say, “I’m doing what I want, fuck everything else.” I’m all about doing things for others, but I [...]

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Work OUT II Mixtape

On December 14, 2011 By

December is here which means one thing: more time to feel insecure after holiday parties filled with carbicide. Mustering up the will power to work it out at your local gym ain’t easy, especially with a trainer’s iPod blaring through the loud speakers. Your workouts should get you feeling pumped up, generic playlists surely ain’t [...]

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Hollywood Mixtape

On November 10, 2011 By

This past week I’ve spent my time in LA and, as the story goes, the air is a bit different on that side of the states. In NYC people ask you “What do you do?,” in LA it’s all about “How much do you make?” Despite all the money talk, I love the change [...]

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No Inhibitions Mixtape

On September 21, 2011 By

After about a month of listening to Think About It by Melanie C on repeat I decided to create a mixtape around it. The song is the heart of my feelings on a Friday night when I want to go out and have some fun without a care in the world. I don’t want to think [...]

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Fall OUT Mixtape

On September 8, 2011 By

The first leave falls. Your trench-coat is slightly speckled with rain droplets your umbrella missed. Manhattan’s getting chillier. A couple of degrees makes all the difference, but if you’re at autumn enthusiast, much like myself, you’re starting to embrace the rain wholeheartedly with your Hunter boots and your Continue Reading

There’s one thing I know about New Yorkers. We’re like fucking cockroaches. It takes a lot more than some wind and rain to get rid of us.

But, since I do believe one should always be as prepared as possible, I’ve created a little check list for all the gay boys out there waiting to [...]

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Strut It OUT Mixtape

On August 17, 2011 By

Regina George, Kathryn from ‘Cruel Intentions’, Courtney Shayne, RuPaul. What do these confidently conniving leading ladies have in common? A glossy pout, an ice queen glare and a strut that not only marks their territory but it can part waves. Many have tried, many have fallen, but the ability to [...]

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Watches to watch

On August 11, 2011 By

I go through phases with watches. I used to have one GLUED to my wrist at all times. Now, since my cell phone has become permanently attached to my existence, watches have become less about function and more about fashion. Even when I do wear a watch now, as if by habit, I still pull my [...]

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I’ve addressed it before and I’ll address it again: in the gay culture, vanity reigns supreme whether you like to believe it or not. Finding the perfect gym that not only fits your amenity-based needs, but provides killer classes that whip you into shape, is essential in Manhattan. When was the last time [...]

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